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Fornisca Case Study

Fornisca Case Study

Client: Fornisca

Project Background: Fornisca is an online retail store that provides vast range furniture at up to 30% below the high street prices. Popular brands sold online include; Alphason Designs, Kubu, Bentley Designs, Blue Bone and Charlotte Furniture.
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Building a new website that will be discovered by search engines is known as search engine optimisation. It means designing your website and web pages so that your site content will be systematically mapped and indexed to keywords that possible customers will recognise when seeking your products or services.

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To ensure success from our SEO work, we customise our search engine optimisation techniques for each client, to ensure the best results. Below we have outlined the main steps that we take when carrying out search engine optimization and how your company could benefit from SEO.

Some major steps help you to generate more traffic leads on your site:

If you have a new website and want top search engine rankings, the first step is always to create quality content. Good, optimised content with the right keywords will massively increase your online presence.

  • Regularly add new web pages to your site, including lots of content and relevant keywords. Donít forget to spell check your text!
  • Generate keyword based articles and press releases to increase your search engine rankings.
  • Keep your website clean and professional. Stay away from heavy Flash, Java, JavaScript, etc.
  • Use concise HTML to ensure that your site loads quickly, or people will get fed up and leave.
  • Discard lame graphics counters; instead find out where your visitors are coming from to find out what traffic methods are most important for your site.
  • Include a good amount of targeted keywords in all of your site content and maintain this in all titles, headings, URLs, making some of them bold, italic etc.
  • Find and reconcile any possible spider stoppers or trouble spots within your website, e.g. broken links.
  • It is very important to link to other, high ranking websites but also to include a high number of internal links on your own web pages.
  • Manually submit your site to the major web directories, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing (MSN). If you check after 6 months and youíre not listed, resubmit your site.
  • Ensure your siteís navigation is clear, using linking strategies such as the addition or modification of a site map.
  • Analyse your web traffic through natural Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) or Pay Per Click (PPC) by installing and monitoring Web Analytics. This way, you can track the behaviour of visitors to your site.
  • Take a close look at your siteís link architecture, HTML coding, content and site navigation.
  • For more help with SEO, visit SEO Services.


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